Whether your specific shoreline is protected with undersized riprap, a timber wall, or nothing at all, I can help. I am an Expert at creating a Custom Designed beautiful maintenance-free protection system that stands the test of time. My Unique, "One-Of-A-Kind" construction and engineering methods dramatically reduces any damage to your lawn or existing landscape, providing you peace of mind for your estate.s landscaped yard.

Do you know for sure whether the temporary methods you have been utilizing to stabilize your shoreline is in compliance with the revised DNR and local regulations and codes? You know how challenging that can be! I have for years specifically worked with the Department of Natural Resources, local watersheds, counties, and cities to come up with the best practical solutions to any challenge for all my clients.

Many shorelines incorporate additional elements such as ramps, walls, stairs, and sand beaches to facilitate the owners desires and needs.

I am able to custom design and deliver a Unique, "One-Of-A-Kind" boulder shoreline landscape to fulfill your dreams !

blue water shoreline

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Click on any of the above photos to view a larger image.

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